Coworking on Granville Island

How unique is this! The Profile Coworking Business Club is opening its newest location on a floating office on Granville Island.  The setting is incredible. 

3 floors. 15 work spaces. 
One incredible roof top board room and patio.

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Possibly the only floating Coworking office on the planet.  And Granville Island of all heavenly places.  Close to downtown, walk to Kitsilano.  Go for a paddle board on your lunch break maybe.. 

The Floating Office

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Three floors
Price.  Hotdesks from $365/mon
Dedicated Hotdesks. 10
Casual Hotdesks. 5
Board room.  Seats 6-8
Roof top patio.  600 sf with board room
Venue.  Yes, 

Call about private functions

Most unique Coworking space on Granville Island near fairview slopes and Olympic Village.

10 min to downtown by water taxi
15 min walk to skytrain
Carshare parking


Fully furnished
WiFi included
Kitchen and espresso machine
Large bathroom and Shower
Quiet working environment

Are you familiar with Coworking?

Coworking is about making the choice to work along side other people instead of in isolation. Check out our first space in Gastown at The Profile, one of Vancouver's first and largest Coworking spaces established in 2009. We believe in three things; People matter, Space matters and a Live/Work balanced lifestyle.

Work space is limited. If this is a work environment you are looking for, don't wait. Contact us today.

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Ali McClements

Front Desk Office and Guest Services Coordinator

Please contact me and I'll be happy to provide you more information.

The Profile Coworking Business Club

1295 Johnson St, Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia
V3K 3R9 Canada


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Event Venue

Spectacular roof top patio and covered board room available for your next private or public event.